Meet the Instructors


Meet the true force of Bodybarre; a team of the most pasionate and inspiring teachers in the North West.

Penny Howarth
Sam Blackwell
Hannah McLean



Penny Howarth
Bodybarre Instructor, BWP Master Trainer & PDC Level 2

Penny has competed at professional level in pole dance competitions and holds the title of Miss Pole Dance UK 2009 Doubles Champion.

Penny has worked in the pole dance industry since 2007 but has been dancing since the age of 4. Penny’s training includes many dance disciplines from ballet and tap to hiphop.

Penny’s favourite pole moves are Jade, Star Gazer, Embrace and Flying Ballerina.

Penny’s pole influences are the ex-gymnasts who have made pole dance more acrobatic and gravity defying.

Penny’s aim is for every student to achieve something every lesson, no matter how big or small. Penny feels students should be able to forget any stresses of everyday life and enjoy the class, leaving the studio feeling empowered, self confident and happy.


Bodybarre Instructor

Sam discovered pole by complete accident attending a teaser class for a birthday party and once discovered never let go! Completely addictive for both overall exercise and pure fun pole soon became Sam’s guilty pleasure!

A former gymnast and martial art enthusiast Sam joined Bodybarre in 2007 and under the tutelage of Karen Chaundy, founder and dancer extraordinaire of Bodybarre, soon qualified as an instructor. Though tough on technique Sam’s style is one of tongue in cheek where you giggle off the pounds and tone up that tum!

Inspired by pole goddesses like Suzie Q never was exercise so enjoyable! Favouring fast spins and funky combos Sam’s mission with each class to see her girls shed any self-doubt and leave the studio with a strut and plenty of attitude.


Bodybarre Instructor

Hannah joined Bodybarre as a student in 2007 and hasn’t stopped since, it’s addictive. Going from Student to Instructor was a highlight – sharing the enjoyment of pole with others and watching them grow is something Hannah finds hugely satisfying.

Hannah’s passion for dance started at an early age with ballet and tap which has developed into embracing less traditional dance forms such as Pole, hula hooping and burlesque. Hannah’s favourite pole moves are the Tail Pipe, Knees and Tornedo, a new move that she has recently mastered and loves!

Karen (the genius behind Bodybarre), Felix Cane, Susie Q and everyone she meets who shows any passion for the dance are her inspirations as all she wants to do is work with people who display the same level of enjoyment and love of the pole that she does.